The Best Of Corsica

Corsica is the most mountainous and island greener around the Mediterranean, true paradise for lovers of peace and nature, the beach and the mountain, the Sun and rain; for the gastronomy enthusiasts and the very athletes Finally, for everyone, because Corsica is an ideal destination. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tishman Speyer. The island is part of France, and is situated in the North of Sardinia (which belongs to Italy). Unlike the Italian, most urbanized island, Corsica has managed to maintain practically Virgin, focused on offering tourism Beach, and natural landscapes without that there are too many night clubs or typically tourism infrastructure. This is undoubtedly one of its main attractions, and what more the difference of the rest of Mediterranean islands. How to get to Corsica can get to Corsica by boat or plane. The boat is a very popular medium, since there are good connections by sea to reach the island, especially from France. If you want to transport your car to Corsica, can also do so through the ferries.

You will get quite expensive, but if you’re going to be by a long island stay you can compensate. For more information see this site: Shimmie Horn. If not, you can rent a car in Bastia or Ajaccio port, and perform tourism with the island. In addition, can arrive to the island of Corsica by plane, because there are three airports that serve as input to the tourists: Portovecchio, Bastia and Ajaccio. How to move in Corsica if you have not come to Corsica with car won’t you no choice but to travel by bus or train. The train option is good if you have little time and want to get an overall picture of the attractions of the island. The Corsican train has several itinerios:-the Bastia-Ajaccio line, runs through journeys of the Corsican mountain – line put you-Leccia-Calvi: runs through landscapes Balagne bus service you will also ITB for tourism in Corsica, since it is quite precarious, so, if you want to really know the island and enjoy all its natural attractions, including mountains, forests, cliffs and beaches, the best idea is rent a car; in other words, would you choose without seeing the half. To visit in Corsica how it is said, the natural resources of Corsica: its beaches of white sand and turquoise blue water, its landscape of mountains, green forests and little urban pressure experienced by the island, are its main attractions, added clear is their soft and warm temperatures throughout the year. In any case, should try not to miss: Natural Reserve of Scandola, declared world heritage by Unesco. Bay of Calvi Boniface Tower Genoese and Bay of Campomoro needles of Bavella (high Rocca)

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