Tower Tarot Gitano

The tower is one of the major arcana of tarot Gypsy whose appearance in Chuck usually not welcome, because it is considered a negative letter. One of the first lessons you must learn who wants to delve into the knowledge of this fascinating activity that is fortune-telling, however, is that all of the cards have two aspects, one positive and one negative, and that there are occasions in life that something considered negative can become positive, depending on the circumstances surrounding the events. Tower refers to the biblical scene of the Tower of Babel, more precisely to the 11th chapter of the book Genesis of the old testament. God considered in those moments that the men were not prepared for such an undertaking, because his intention was to reach heaven, something considered sacrilegious. For this reason the Lord decided to give land with plans of humanity and prevent the success of this construction. For that he sowed confusion and chaos causing builders to speak all in different languages. The deck of the Tower provides a great energy power. This energy can not be controlled in any way, explodes instantly, and destroys everything that is in its path.

This should be seen as an allegory of divine wisdom, that arrives with your lighting and gives land with all previous precept that the subject may have. It is a reminder that keeping old beliefs and outdated attitudes necessarily lead to annihilation, beyond of the will of the person. Tower urges us to abandon false ideals, to grow and set aside the safety of what is already known, because this has expired and we are no longer useful. When you think that material objects are more powerful than the mind and the spirit, begins the construction of a tower of falsehoods on an extremely unstable basis, constituting the perfect formula for disaster. The Tower gives us a lesson in humility: nobody is invincible. However they should not emphasize are the negative aspects of this letter. The Tower gives us an opportunity for change, is a warning because we are still in time modify our self-destructive attitudes. Fire seen in this Arcanum of the tarot gitano suggests that the past will be annihilated, burned, and only ashes remain. The Tower appears so that the person can prepare for this inevitable change. Meant major arcana Tarot The force meant major arcana Tarot The Tower truck in the Gypsy tarot Tarot Gitano message cards of tarot, neither so simple nor so complex the Tower in the Gypsy tarot Tarot Gitano La Torre in the Gypsy tarot Tarot Gitano

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