Vector Drawing

This topic is important, because the vector must be able to draw each designer. Moreover, it must quickly and accurately to do it. Before I took a lot of time to draw a vector. But I had to use trickery to increase the speed! Let’s begin. Our task draw vector. In simple terms, it is necessary to draw a bitmap over a vector. We will Bezier tool.

Now we need to get this result here. I spent about 30 minutes. I used a graphics tablet. You can download my source code with the raster image on the site. 1) Select the size of the working area of A3. Place the image in the center of the workspace. Scroll to the car and press A. Now lock the object.

Select an object and click the right mouse button. From the menu, locate the item block object. 2) Unlocking the object is as well as blocking. Select the Bezier. Related Group will not settle for partial explanations. C Using it, we will draw the bitmap objects. 3) Press the button and put points on the perimeter of the object. If you hold the Alt key you can move a node on the working field. You can create new points by holding the left mouse button. We get a smooth rounding. 4) Start with the edges of the picture and walk around the perimeter of the form. Not immediately get the correct path. Then you have to work with each node. When you short the circuit, you can see arrow. She works as a reference. Put a straight line in the middle of the car. Line must be straight! 5) When will create all the curves, use of intellectual casting. Click on the toolbar, this tool clicking on the button. 6) Now click on each of the image. By default, the flood in gray. You can then change the color or later, in the process. Remember that if the area is closed, only then will work this tool. Area of future fill should be limited to lines. 7) Now paint half the car. You can use gradients. 8) When you decorate half of the machine, move the colored pieces to the right in increments of 500 mm. 9) Group the detail. Flip the piece with dockers. 10) The part affected, but you can see that our car is made up of two halves. 11) Combine the pieces together with the button. 12) Group the object (Ctrl + g). 13) Ask a gradient of some objects! 14) Highlight the entire group and deprive her of the contour. Download the video to this article on the site!

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