Parent Meeting Preparation

Parent Meeting is an important form of interaction between family and school, a means to improve the efficiency of the educational process. However, in order to truly fulfill its role, it is necessary properly prepare and conduct. Many parents complain that in the modern school homeroom teachers at meetings to discuss only the organizational and logistical issues, collecting money from parents. What same functions required of a parent meeting? Among these functions must specify: 1) to familiarize parents with the content and methods of education – the educational process at school (used by educational characteristics programs, teaching methods, the story of organized extracurricular activities, electives, clubs, etc.), 2) psychological – Teacher education fathers and mothers, which can be in informing parents about the features specific age, the conditions of successful interaction with children, etc., 3) involvement of parents in joint activities with children (extracurricular activities – competitions, excursions, etc.) 4) A joint decision of organizational issues (power, duty, discipline and other problems). The choice of type and form of parent meetings depends on the theme and goals. Among the species can be distinguished: institutional (insiders such as the forthcoming long-distance trips or preparing for children a multi-day hike), a collection of psychological assessment – Teacher education (for example, a lecture with the assistance of a psychologist on the conditions of successful communication with young people), thematic meeting-debates on topical issues of education – the educational process, the outcome (the quarter), etc. Topic parent meetings are usually determined by teachers and may be discussed at the parents' committee. .

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