Raw Material Rearview Mirror KW25

Look to increasing interest on the market events of the past week that delight commodity markets. It applies not only to institutional investors, but also increasingly for private savers and investors. The complexity and breadth of the market however requires a detailed examination. Last week led to a negative yield development in the most raw materials. Only five contracts ended the last five days with a plus. Best cut could sugar profits of 5.26 percent.

In the field of precious metals, gold still best cut off percent with a slight loss of 0.46. Palladium with 2.65 percent, as well as Platinum and silver with 3.35 – 4.50 lost per cent much more clearly. Only natural gas made a positive performance in the energy sector. Here stood 2.68 percent to beech. The bent and WTI crude oil varieties made with – 3.21 and – 4.11 percent into the red. With a weekly loss of 5.04 percent unleaded petrol is the tail end under the energy raw materials. After which the industrial metals in the previous week still on the You can find most presented, only one winner this week with aluminum. 3.41 per cent have been achieved here.

Nickel closed 2.91 percent lower, lead lost 4.50 percent, copper and zinc are percent – 5.04 and – 5.55 even more clearly in the red zone. In the agricultural sector, only the cattle contracts could claim in addition to the weekly winner of sugar. As in the previous week was usually a low positive performance record. Lean pork reached 1.67 percent, fattening beef, after all, still an increase of 0.46 percent. Lebendrind closed unchanged. In the negative area are wheat with a low loss of 0.17 percent. Slightly more orange juice and corn lost with – 1.36 respectively – 1.41 percent. More lost cotton, coffee and cocoa with negative developments between – 8.35 and 10.35 percent. Whether the vast losses are again caught up in the coming week remains to be seen, and the market is so exciting.

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