Toy Dolls

The first doll makers were known mainly in the Nuremberg area, who were at that time known as docks makers. Also in the Sonneberg had proven in the 17th century Toy and Doll makers settled. The production in waltershausen, also in Thuringia, which later also as leading puppet manufacturers all over the world should crystallise began in 1815. Various entrepreneurs, such as packaging and other toy manufacturers settled successfully. More and more accessory is designed for the dolls, which were mainly as a toy for girls. Doll clothes, doll houses and co. keep very sought after.

A major competitor for the German production of the dolls was only France. In the 19th century, some inventions led to the development of the popular toy. Ball joints, modern machines and other materials such as rubber and celluloid were partly responsible for the rapid production of dolls. Thus, the dolls were always faithful and of course the various accessories were developed. Significantly for the dolls history arguably the 1873 founded in “Rheinische rubber and celluloid factory” in Mannheim is likely today under the name “Schildkrot” known is and is still a successful manufacturer of dolls.

To mention is arguably that also subspecies, such as dolls created from pure Toy Dolls produced then the hobby doll collecting. At the beginning of the 20th century, the artist Kathe Kruse created special dolls, which were both aesthetic artist doll and doll. So the doll in the course of the 20th century became more and more important. But unfortunately the world wars led to a rapid decline in the doll and toy industry in Germany, which could recover only slowly again. Today, puppets, toys are very popular, not only for little girls. Meet educational purposes and are very popular yet in the children, but also among the collectors. Eva Beck

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