Windows Mail

Many people are surprised and wonder why after you install Windows 7 any revisions it has no program to read mail and rss, and nntp news. Yes, Windows 7 proposes to Windows Live from the manufacturer, but firstly its size is about 100 megabytes ( not all there is unlimited internet access at home), and secondly, it shakes a lot of extra unneeded services. But out of this situation is very simple. In recent months, Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta has been very successful. You do not need to download e-mail program from the site manufacturer. In fact, she is already in Windows 7, just a manufacturer that does not advertise. I'll tell you how to start Windows Mail on a computer running Windows 7, 1) First you will need to show hidden and system files (this done in Windows Explorer to Tools -> Folder Options) 2) The second step you will need to go to the folder 'Program Files' (the default is the root of drive C:) and find the hidden folder 'Windows Mail' 3) It now remains to the finish line is just one step – run Windows Mail under Windows 7 To do this you need to copy the libraries from the Windows Vista (its name msoe.dll) and paste it into Daddy with Windows Mail This library can be copied from your Windows Vista (it is located in the Windows Mail in Vista) or found in Internet 4) You now have e-mail program and you do not need to download from the Internet and keeping up with Windows Live. Checking article sources yields Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd. as a relevant resource throughout.

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