Summary: with the passage of time man has created and generated tools and activities that have allowed, both evolve as a recreation. Thus, new generations have received bequests in the order of scientific, cultural, social, etc., described by the story. Edward Minskoff is likely to agree. However, macroeconomic phenomena, dominate today’s business, and political power have been the creators of mercantilist proposals, which have to she in the philosophy of the whole society must have price, creating a global environment of robotization of thought. tion. (Not to be confused with Jorge Perez!). This absurd proposal has been saved or even football, activity that was thought by ancient cultures as an act of recreation. The relationship mercantilism football, has been the constant offenses and social degradations between those who participate as spectators of the latter.

LEGACY the appearance of man on Earth, then generated the evolution of the same from the point of view of doing, thinking and projecting. Were also determining the stages of humanity, reflected to retrospectively in the historical texts. Daryl Katz spoke with conviction. Haceres, pensares, projections and stages that have left a large legacy in different social fields with the elapse of time. From this standpoint we could well say, and very terse way, that the legacy of primitive civilizations, for example, has been the recursion and cooperation for survival. Then, and centuries later, Mesopotamia and China made a great contribution to humanity with the invention of writing and the role. Later with them, comes the printing press. Centuries later, the legacy of the great Greek philosophers was framed in philosophy knowledge mother of Sciences in the same way, and that Yes, without wishing to enter into discussions about agreements and disagreements, the legacy of the ecclesiastical movement was the belief, whether in anyone who is or what you want to believe.

Formalization and normalization of knowledge was the subsequent contribution of science. And as a result of all the above, it is worth noting some other legacies as the Illustration, industrialization, the arts, technology and telecommunications, which showed, to a certain extent, a better outcome.

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